2009 Harpers Ferry Cup

2009 Harpers Ferry Cup (Amateur Raft Race)

#1] From River Riders with Shane Hovatter guiding
Team Kromer @ 39:30 [ from River Rats Club to Potoma Wayside]
Michelle Pedrosa
Fred Pedrosa
Joseph Emory
Tracy Emory
Congratulations to Team Kromer, they were 4th overall last year and were ecstatic to be able to finish higher [ only 3 rafts this year]

#2]River Riders w/ Brian Haze @ the helm[ most humble guide on the river, in @ 44:07
Harry Kromer
Jessica Kromer
Ana Kromer
Victoria Newber

#3] Butts Tubes w/ Rhett Cowell in the hot seat
Ellen Wambach
Karen Frasier, Team Win, or Die Tryin!

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