River Cleanup

2018 River Cleanup is Saturday April 14 2018 at 10AM

A BIG THANKS to everyone who is able to make it out!! 

Location: Meet at DNR parking lot on Millville Road just below the Millville Dam (http://goo.gl/hvykjy)

Time: 10:00 – 12:00ish (note later start time than usual!!)

We will meet at the DNR lot and cleanup along the roadway and riverbank heading downstream 1-2 miles towards Millville.

Bags, Gloves, and Orange Safety Vests will be provided.  Please bring extra work gloves if you have them as we may run out (yours are probably better than ours anyway).  Long pants and sturdy boots are recommended.  Also bring some water and a snack.  All participants will be required to sign waivers prior to start of work.

Preserve, Protect, & Enjoy
It’s Fun!



2-3 hours & 20+ volunteers (HFOF and Ducks Unlimited)!!
(Really nice weather in the 80’s. Almost too hot…)
We collected:
40+ bags of trash
4 tires
1 busted up toilet
1 old fire extinguisher & other assorted junk…
As usual there were lots of empty beer cans and bottles along the road.
There were a lot of empty keurig k cups too…


2 hours & 20 volunteers!!
We collected:
42+ bags of trash
1 bag of aluminum cans
11 tires
2 vacuums
1 big old TV
2 deer carcass
& other assorted junk…
Note – lots of empty beer cans and beer bottles along the road (sodas not so much).
Watch out for drunk drivers they are out there!


2-3 hours and 34+ volunteers!!
We collected:
97 bags of trash
3 bags (I think) of cans for recycling
8 TV’s
14 tires
3 mattresses/box-springs
assorted car parts, bumpers, light assemblies…
a trampoline
WW raft
WW tubes
disgusting diapers (yuck!)
and many deer carcasses which were left behind


2 hours and 14 volunteers…
We collected:
35 tires
4 couches
camper toilet/shower
an old outhouse
steering wheel
carpet remnants
at least 15 bags of trash
121 bags of trash
6 tires
16 bags of recycling
1 mattress and box-spring
38 volunteers
6 sites on 3 days

119 Bags of trash
2 very full dump-truck loads
25+ tires & other junk…
50 volunteers
4 sites on 3 separate dates

53 Volunteers
108 Bags of trash
8 tires & assorted junk…
3 sites on 2 dates

24 Volunteers
73 Bags
9 tires
3 sites

Getting ready for the races! We snuck in another cleanup on Sat 6/8/13. This was along the gravel access road next to Bloomery Rd across from River & Trail put-in. This area will be used for parking for the river racers.  We did not know what a big mess it was until this week.  We had 12 volunteers and 2 FULL dump truck loads (and LOTS of mud!).

Some of the crews from Sat April 6th 2013


Some photos from the past cleanups at the Bakerton tunnel and C&O canal are here:


More Pictures (by LisaK)

Still More Pictures (by Vitas)

A little history…

We’ve been cleaning up the roadway and river banks along the Shenandoah and Potomac since at least 2005.   We originally started with Rt 340 between the bridges near Potoma Wayside, and would help out on the C&O canal in Sandy Hook for a couple years.  Then for a few years we would all meet at the Bakerton tunnel river put-in area and clean up that spot.  It was a very big mess and the first year we used a bobcat, a tractor, 2 full dump truck loads and about 30 volunteers.  We cleaned up there for 3 years until it was purchased by a local outfitter.  They keep the area clean now.  We also would cleanup under the Rt 340 Shenandoah bridge in Harpers Ferry Park but we leave that to the Park Service and their volunteers now.  Since 2010 we have adopted the section of Bloomery Road from the Millville put-in to the dam, approx. 2 miles of river frontage.  We cleanup there 2-3 times each year and it has greatly improved since our first time.  In 2011, some of us also started cleaning up on Rt 340 between the bridges – this is a dangerous and difficult cleanup as the hill is very steep and treacherous and there is a lot of fast moving traffic on the road, and lots of trash.  There are also other folks cleaning up other spots with us (Big Eddy put-in above the dam on the Shenandoah, etc.).  We did not keep records before 2011, but generally it was about 1-2 dump truck loads per year.  Since 2011 we bag it and the WV highway department or Park service pick it up.  Please mark your calendar and come join us!!  It really is a lot of fun (but not as much fun as paddling).

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