Race Info

There are 4 races on Festival Weekend:

       6 pm Friday-  The Attainment Race

6 pm Friday – The Doah Cup Raft Race

There are 2 races on Festival Day (scroll down for details):

9 am Saturday – 3.4+ Mile Trail to River Foot Race

1 pm Saturday – The Tim Gavin Down River Race

Take the Bob Norr Challenge and compete in all 3! Starts Friday! (see Bobby Millers write-up from 2012)

Please see the important insurance info at the bottom of this page.

Registration for The Tim Gavin Downriver Race  & The Attainment Race will now be held on the festival grounds at the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship beginning at 9am!

Thanks to the generous efforts of River and Trail Outifitters and Calleva, shuttle will provided from the festival grounds to Millville! Shuttle will be provided to Millville from the registration area for both racers and boats at 10am, 11am, and 12pm. Following the Downriver Race, R&T will provide shuttle from Potoma Wayside to your vehicle at the festival grounds beginning at 2pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT miss the shuttle!!! Parking is no longer allowed on the gravel lot near Millville. No parking signs have been posted and the quarry has stated that vehicles WILL BE TOWED at the owner’s expense. HFOF will not be responsible to provide alternative means of transportation if you are not present at the shuttle times listed above.

The Doah Cup Raft Race

The race starts at 6 pm on Friday.  Registration starts at 5:00 pm at the River and Trail put-in in Millville.  The awards ceremony is after the race at the Festival Site.  The cost for the Doah Cup Raft Race is $50 per raft.  Click for map

The Attainment Race

The attainment race will take place on Friday at 6pm.  Registration starts at 4:30 at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. This will allow participants in the Attainment Race and Norr Challenge to park at their takeout and HFAC will give the racers a ride up to the put-in location at the end of the attainment race. Come join us for an exciting and challenging day! 

The attainment race starts at 6pm Friday in the eddy above Bass Rock. The race runs from Bass Rock to Lock 34, a 1.5 mile course up Class 1 and 2 rapids. There are multiple lines to choose from as you go upstream. Fast times are around 20 minutes. HFAC has agreed to let us use their parking area and shuttle the racers and their boats up the hill to the cars. The cost for this race is $25- add $5 more and also compete in the Tim Gavin Down River Race. 

3.4+ Mile Trail to River Run

Registration is at 8am at BRCES, race is at 9am on Saturday, and the awards ceremony is at 10:30.  This is a scenic and challenging trail run using multiple trails within the park.  There are some climbs, bridge, and river crossings but  that is what trail running is all about.  You will get dirty, muddy, and possibly lost but the Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival will make you forget about the bumps and bruises.

The cost for the Trail Race is $25.  Entry to this event gets you into the Festival.  Come out to run and enjoy the fun for the rest of the day at the festival with live music.

Note that this race goes through the stream and trails of The Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship. Please be careful in regards to your personal safety and the safety of the wildlife in the area. HFOF staff will try to ensure there isn’t any wildlife in the immediate area when the racers are going through (i.e., bear, etc.).  If so the race may be delayed.

The Tim Gavin Down River Race

The Tim Gavin Down River Race will takeplace on Saturday at 1pm. The race starts at the River and Trail put-in on the Shenandoah River and continues for approximately 6 miles through the best white water in the Eastern Panhandle.  The take out is at Potomac Wayside just before the Potomac River bridge on Rt 340.

The cost for the Tim Gavin Down River Race is $25. Children 12 and under race for free!   The price of this event gets you into the festival and a t-shirt.  Registration for The Tim Gavin Downriver Race will now be held on the festival grounds at the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship beginning at 9am!  See above for more info.

For more information call Mike @ 304-676-6853.

Please read the BRCES Policies and Procedures document.  This information is very important to the integrity of the land, wildlife, and the environment at the BRCES.

The Bob Norr Challenge (See the event page on Facebook)

Come out and test yourself against one of the toughest triathlons in the Mid-Atlantic region! This year, the attainment race will take place on Friday evening at 6. The trail running race will be on Saturday morning at 9 and the final part, the Tim Gavin Downriver Race, will be Saturday at 1pm.

In January of 2012, the paddling community lost a great friend and a wonderful person. Bob Norr lived every day to the fullest and was a tremendous athlete who had a great love for life. He positively influenced every person that he met and will be missed. In remembrance of him, we have created The Bob Norr Challenge, a three race event that will test the endurance of even the fittest of athletes. Racers who accept the Bob Norr Challenge will compete in a 5K trail race in the morning at BRCES, the Tim Gavin downriver race on the Shenandoah, and finish with the attainment race up the Potomac. The Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival will donate $5 for each racer that completes the Challenge to the Bob Norr Scholarship at Frostburg State University. This scholarship is given to a student who is well rounded and has a love for the outdoors and adventure. Are you up to the Bob Norr Challenge?

The cost for The Bob Norr challenge is $50.

See Bobby Millers write-up from 2012

IMPORTANT – In addition to the cost for the above river race(s), insurance is required!!!  If you are already an ACA (American Canoe Club) member then be sure to bring your current membership info.  If you are not a member (or can’t find your info) then you will need to purchase an ACA Event Membership for each racer in your boat.   In either case, whether you are a member or not, ACA waivers must be completed.  Waivers will be provided at registration or you can download one below and complete it prior to arriving for race registration:

ACA Waiver – Adult 

ACA Waiver – Minor 

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